Welcome to ACMH

ACMH, Inc. promotes the wellness and recovery of persons with mental illness in New York City.


  • Conduct community outreach to individuals with serious mental illness and other chronic health conditions

  • Engage them in a process of assessing their needs, options and choices

  • Coordinate their care

  • Facilitate access to resources, treatment and support

  • Provide supportive housing

  • Provide short-term crisis respite

  • Deliver home and community based skills training to support recovery, wellness and the attainment of personal goals

ACMH seeks to maximize each client’s decision-making role regarding his or her own needs and goals, recognizing that personal growth occurs when people believe that change is possible and that support is available to attain the goals that are important to them.

Our Services

ACMH Delivers Services Valued by Consumers, Families and Communities:

  • Reducing Inpatient and Emergency Room Utilization

  • Reducing Incarceration and Homelessness

  • Increasing Consumer Participation in Employment, Education and Work Readiness


ACMH staff receive weekly clinical consultation from experienced community psychiatrists.

ACMH clients access staff support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

ACMH’s data driven outcomes management, quality, compliance and staff development programs assure excellence in the provision of evidence-based best practices